Key Management

Key Management

Ms Lee Sau Hun

Group Chief Financial Officer

Ms Lee was appointed as the Group Chief Financial Officer of the Company in May 2011.

Ms Lee began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers where her last held position was senior manager. Ms Lee then joined Hong Leong Management Services Pte. Ltd. as the Vice-President (Investment) between January 2006 and April 2011 where she engaged in corporate advisory services within Hong Leong Group Singapore. She was also a director of various subsidiaries of Hong Leong Group Singapore prior to the listing of the Company.

Ms Lee holds a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree (Second Class Honours) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Mr Wang Gongyi

Chief Executive Officer (Chengdu Operations)

Mr Wang was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (Chengdu Operations) of the Group in October 2011. He oversees the management and operations of the Group's business in Chengdu, PRC.

Prior to that, from June 1998 to May 2011, Mr Wang held the position of general manager of the former candy business operations of the Group, in charge of its general management and operations.

Mr Wang holds a Bachelor Degree in Machinery Design and Manufacturing from Sichuan Chengdu University, Chengdu, PRC. Mr Wang also achieved several awards, including the Sichuan Provincial Fourth Session of Excellent Entrepreneur award and the Model Worker award granted by the Sichuan Provincial Government.

Mr Shu Zhen

Chief Executive Officer (Guangdong Operations)

Mr Shu was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (Guangdong Operations) of the Group in August 2012. Mr Shu is currently responsible for overseeing the Group's business operations in Dongguan, PRC.

Mr Shu first joined the Group in December 2007 as a Director and Vice-President of the Group's subsidiary, First Sponsor (Guangdong) Group Limited.

Mr Shu holds a Graduation Certificate in China Finance and Futures Higher Level Study from Beijing University, School of Economics, PRC.

Ms Zhang Jing

Chief Executive Officer (Shanghai Operations)

Ms Zhang was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (Shanghai Operations) of the Group in November 2011. From her Shanghai office, Ms Zhang is responsible for the management and expansion of the Group's property financing business in the PRC.

Ms Zhang has extensive experience in the PRC financing and leasing operations from her role as general manager in various financing companies prior to joining the Group.

Ms Zhang holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the School of Economics, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan.